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Saturday, October 10
The New Soundscape of Music for the Screen
10 am – 5 pm Central

SCORE-COM is for composers of film and television scores, those interested in music for film and TV, as well as filmmakers wanting to understand the process.

Main speaker: Andy Hill — a thirty-year veteran of the film and television music industry, former vice-president of music production for Walt Disney Studios, Grammy Award-winning music supervisor.

Guest speaker: John Paesano, composer (Penny Dreadful: City of Angels, The Maze Runner, Tesla, and many video game scores recorded in Nashville).

Guest speaker: Trevor Morris, composer (Vikings, Hunter Killer, London Has Fallen).

Producer/host: Geoff Koch

SCORE-COM is chaired by the Nashville Composers Association

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Sunday, October 11
11:30 a.m. – 7:00 p.m. Central
The Future of Film, Television & Faith
The Faith in Film Conference is for all creatives involved in film and television who are looking for spiritual and mental encouragement, advice from those working in the industry, and the opportunity to network and pray with fellow filmmakers across the country and the world.

Morning Guest: Director Christine Swanson shares her experiences in television, directing episodic content such as Chicago P.D. and FBI and made-for-TV movies such as the music biopic, The Clark Sisters: First Ladies of Gospel which broke many records for the Lifetime Channel.

Afternoon Guests: Author Jenny L. Cote and producer/director Carl Weyant, share their journeys of faith in bringing several novels of Cote’s children’s book series to the film screen.

Evening Guests: Steve Griffith, visual effects producer/head of production for well-known feature films and television series such as Guardians of the Galaxy, X-Men Origins: Wolverine, The Book of Eli, Watchmen, Stranger Things, and The Walking Dead, gives insight to these projects as well his future projects and how faith plays a part.

Chairpersons & hosts: Lori Marett and Sandy Brownlee

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Packaging, Financing & Distribution Market & Conference
Monday, Oct 12 – Thursday, Oct 15
Business Panels for Feature Films, Television Programming & Documentaries


11 Michael Murphey – Kalahari Pictures, Capetown, S.A. / Producer
original BILL & TED’s EXCELLENT ADVENTURE & other works
— in discussion with Drew Langer, Travis Nicholson and Wes Edwards

12 Noon Vanessa Joyce – VP Development & Production, Paramount Pictures
— in discussion with Alan Brewer

1 Ashley Avis – Director of Disney’s BLACK BEAUTY w Kate Winslet
— in discussion with Esseri Holmes

2 Marc Gold and Adam Fisher – Financier & Production / Finance Consultant
WISH MAN: Autopsy of an Indie Feature from Development to Distribution
— in discussion with Alan Brewer

3 Dan Stutz – Legal Guru Financing & Distribution
— in discussion with Dan Foutz – HarperCollins

4 John Cones – 43 Ways to Finance Your Feature Film
— in discussion with Andy vR

5 Anthony C. Ferrante – director SHARKNADO movies for SyFy
— in discussion with Catherine Clinch

— in discussion with Bob Raines

12 Trevor Roth – President of Development, Roddenberry Entertainment (PICARD, STAR TREK: LOWER DECKS)
— in discussion with Catherine Clinch

1 Michael Swanson – Senior VP, NBC Universal Television
— in discussion with Nick Birren

2 Logan Kriete – Development Executive, Escape Artists
— in discussion with Alan Brewer

3 Josh Berman, Jennifer Robinson, Alec Durkheimer – Osprey [Sony]
— in discussion with Carey Nelson Burch

4 David Semel – producer/director WATCHMEN, CODE BLACK and numerous
other projects
— in discussion with Susan Hahn

5 Jordanna Guarino – VP of Development & Programming, Blumhouse Television
— in discussion with Alan Brewer

11 – Real Life During and After Reality Programming Lifecycles:
Noah Alexander – Talent/Business Owner / SPEED IS THE NEW BLACK (MotorTrend)
David Elliott – Producer, THE CURIOUS MISTER CATESBY (PBS)
Michael Cascio – Programming Executive & Consultant (NatGeo, Animal
Planet, NBC News, A&E)
Bryan Reichhardt – Producer/Director – Entertainment Documentaries
— moderated by Kurt Klaus, Esq. – Partner, Media & Entertainment Law
Section, Dunlap Bennett & Ludwig, Washington, DC

12 Noon – Documentary Producers/Directors: Documentary Funding,
Production, and Distribution (Finished & WIPs):
Leslie Shampaine – Producer/Director, PBS, Kennedy Center Honors, Smithsonian
Michael Cascio – Programming Executive & Consultant (NatGeo, Animal
Planet, NBC News, A&E)
Bryan Reichhardt – Producer/Director – Entertainment Documentaries *see above
— moderated by Kurt Klaus, Esq. / Partner, Media & Entertainment Law
Section, Dunlap Bennett & Ludwig, Washington, DC

1 Aron Plucinski – MOUNTAIN MEN, ICE ROAD TRUCKERS and other series
— in discussion with Carey Nelson Burch

2 Suzanne Harle – Founder/Chair, Green Planet Films Distribution
Justin Harvey – VP, The Programming Service, PBS
— in discussion with Tom Neff

3 Mike Vainisi – ATTN: and Katrina Frolov – Jukin Media
– in discussion with Stacey Crawford – Executive Producer and Content Strategist (Sony, Disney, Turner, Warner Bros)

4 Sierra Cowan – Magnolia Network
– in discussion with Carey Nelson Burch

5 p.m. Central Time – JENNY TOLMAN w LYNDA EVJEN
Jenny Tolman – Recording Artist, YouTube Cooking Series
— in discussion with Lynda Evjen, President WIFT Nashvilleje

11 Jen DeLia – Why Not Choose Love: A Mary Pickford Manifesto /
Humanizing the Icon web-series
— in discussion with Esseri Holmes

12 Noon Lauren Williams – Manager/Producer, Echo Lake Entertainment
Sam Starr – Manager, Circle of Confusion
— in discussion with Alan Brewer

1 Holly Hines – Head of Network Development, Spotify
— in discussion with Carey Nelson Burch

2 Bill Duke – Duke Media Entertainment
— in discussion with Joel Eisenberg
*** Special introduction by Hazel Joyner-Smith, International Black
Film Festival

Special discussion re producing CREEPSHOW series in time of COVID-19
— in discussion with David Bennett

4 Kaitlin Burke – Diverse Creativity & Maintaining Mental Wellness in
the Time of Corona
— in discussion with Esseri Holmes

Matthew Horrocks – Head of Screen West Investments, Australia
— in discussion with Melanie Phillips – Perth, Australia

Some additions or minor adjustments may be made to the above.

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Thursday, October 15th

7:00pm Welcome from Lynda Evjen, President of Nashville WIFT and SWIFT

Performers: Mandy Barnett – Recording Artist, Actress; Pam Tate – Blues Singer, Recording Artist; Valerie Connelly – Composer, Singer-Songwriter; Victoria Renée – Recording Artist

Friday, October 16th
10:00am Opening Ceremonies/Welcome – WIFT President, Lynda Evjen

10:15 MASTER CLASS – A Conversation with actress, Desiree Ross (Greenleaf, A Country Christmas)

11:30 Panel – In the Trenches
MODERATOR: Chris Barkley of Bonsai Creative
o Amanda Dixon: Make-up
o Lisa Venegas: Writer, Producer, Director, Production Coordinator
o Tom Gregory: Camp Digital, Inc – mobile production resource provider in Nashville & LA
o Charles Howe: C.E.O. CHOMCO / Executive Producer of Hotspot Nashville
oJennifer Bergen: Editor
oAndrea Shreeman: Filmmaker, Showrunner

12:30 Panel – The Rise of Female Producers
MODERATOR: Tamara Trexler: Trexfilms
oMJ Stemp: Producer, Burden
oConroy Kanter: Producer, Trafficked
oDavid DuCrain, Reel One Entertainment
oTony Cortese: ACE Group
oMyron Nash: Airstream Media

Lunch Break 1:30-2pm

2:00 Panel – Ladies at the Helm – Female GMs at all of Nashville’s Local Affiliates
MODERATOR: Holly Thompson, WSMV, News 4
Tracey Rogers: GM of WKRN, Nashville
Lyn Planinga: GM of WTVF, Nashville
Rene La Spina: GM, WSMV, Nashville

3:00 Panel – Documentary Filmmakers
MODERATOR: Tom Neff: Doc Producer, Director and Founder of The Documentary Channel
oApril Anderson: Head Instigator of production company, Art As Air
oCintia Cabib: Independent Producer, Videographer and Editor
oMark Schlicher: Documentary Producer, Director, and Cinematographer.
oEdie Hand: Businesswoman, Speaker, Media Personality, Filmmaker, and International Author

4:00 Panel – WIFT Chapter Presidents, Supporting Female Filmmakers Worldwide
MODERATOR: Lynda Evjen, President, Nashville WIFT
oTaheira Brown – WIFT Central Alabama
oSusan McElroy –WIFT Utah
oAngela Van Zant Bumpus – WIFT Arkansas
oNan Puetz – VP WIFT International
oInya Lawal –WIFT Africa

5:00 Panel – Issues Facing Actors in Today’s Industry
MODERATOR: Andrew Caple-Shaw: VP of the new SAG-AFTRA Nashville
oTravis Nicholson: Independent Entertainment Professional, Los Angeles, California
oJohn James: Actor, Dynasty and The Colbys
oCharlene Tilton: Actress, Dallas
oDee Wallace, Actress, E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial
oDesiree Ross, Actress, Green leaf, A Country Christmas
oLargo Woodruff, Funhouse, Stardust Memories
oLyrica Woodruff, Anastasia

7:00pm TRIVIA GAME Night – PRIZES – Hosted by Chris Barkley, Bonsai Creative

Saturday, October 17th

10am Welcome: Channel 17

10:15 Panel – MASTER CLASS – SAG-AFTRA – David White, National Executive Director

11:30 Panel – Marketing. PR and Social Media
MODERATOR: Patricia Leonard, VP of WIFT Nashville
oBrian Sebastian: Producer/Host of Movie Reviews and More, Womenontv
oKarolyn Hart: Founder and President at InspireHUB Inc
oWendy Pearl: Wendy Pearl Public Relations

12:30 Panel – Elevating and Protecting Your Story
Stacey Davis, Attorney


2:15 Panel – Making Your Mark in Reality and Lifestyle Television
MODERATOR: Ava Leigh: Entertainment Professional, Sydney Australia
oRobert Ivkovic: Oxygen Network
oWanette Turner: HUCKABEE!
oJulia Flower: Southern Women’s Channel

3:15 Panel – Women in the Director’s Chair
MODERATOR: Lynda Evjen, President of Nashville WIFT
oKD Amond: Co-Founder at AZ if Productions, Nashville TN
oArun Vir: Writer, Producer, Creator
oLinda Palmer: Director, Producer, Runaway Productions
oBethany Rooney: Television Director Desperate Housewives, NCIS and many more.
oMeleisha Edwards: Dark Girls Two and Singleville

4:15 Panel – Diversity Initiatives, Achieving Equity in the Industry
MODERATOR: Carolyn McDonald: Writer, Filmmaker, Consultant at DigMeVision, NYC
oDeidre Dix Hunt: Award-winning, Emmy-nominated Producer, Director
oMio Caamaño Sabourin, TV Producer for Breaking Bread TV Series
oJeri Brunoe: Producer and Actress
oTaylor Shaw: Visual Effects
oErica Conner: Producer, Idlewilde (HBO) Steppin’ Back to Love (TV1)

5:15 Panel – Music in Film and TV
MODERATOR: Nancy Peacock, Washington Street Publishing
oSamantha Hilscher: Lionsgate
oQueenie Mullinix: Creative Director, Nashville
oDoug DeAngeles: Film Composer
oCaron Nightingale, APM Music

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Friday, October 16
CINETVLatino Conference “De Las Americas to Music City: Bringing Together The Best Media Creators” is designed to facilitate a transactional virtual marketplace and forum for the engagement, inclusion, visibility, information sharing and advancement of creators from the Americas, across multiple languages and media platforms.

Produced by the Nashville Area Hispanic Chamber of Commerce with the support of Film-Com and strategic partners, a virtual space is facilitated once a year during the Film-Com Conference season, for the exchange of independent content, indigenous audiovisual narratives, trends and perspectives, multimedia works, completed and in development, featuring professionals in the industry and educators in the culture.

CINETVLatino Conference founding board of advisors includes seasoned creatives from the U.S, Spain and Latin America.

In Spanish:

CINETVLatino Conference “De Las Américas a la Ciudad de la Música: Uniendo a los Mejores Creadores de Medios” está diseñado para facilitar un mercado virtual transaccional y un foro para el compromiso, la inclusión, la visibilidad, el intercambio de información y el avance de los creadores de las Américas, en varios idiomas y plataformas de medios.

Producido por la Cámara de Comercio Hispana del Área de Nashville con el apoyo de Film-Com y socios estratégicos, una vez al año, se facilita un espacio virtual durante la temporada de la Conferencia Film-Com, para el intercambio de contenido independiente, narrativas audiovisuales indígenas, tendencias y perspectivas, obras multimedia,–terminadas y en desarrollo, con profesionales de la industria y educadores de la cultura.

El consejo de asesores fundadores de CINETVLatino-Com incluye creativos experimentados residentes en EE. UU., España y América Latina.

Send us an email:

CineTVLatino Conference 2020 Schedule at Glance
Friday, October 16, 2020 / 10 AM – 7:30 PM Central Time

PANEL # 1 (11:15 AM – 12 PM) — Preceded by Spanish language feature film (running time 81 min)

I Didn’t Know They Did That…?
Latin America is creating works in all genres. Their directors, producers, writers and actors have dreams that are shooting to the stars with their productions.
¿No sabia que ellos hacian eso…?: Latin America esta creando produciones en todos los generos audivisuales. Sus directores, productores, escritores y actores estan soñando en grande y apuntan a las estrellas.
o Guests/Invitados: Director Claudio Rojas, ULACIT (San Jose, Costa Rica)

PANEL # 2 (1 PM – 1:45 PM)
In the USA 1: How a Hispanic/Latino/LatinX/Chicano did it in Hollywood.
In the USA 1: Como un Hispano/Latino/LatinX/Chicano pudo en Hollywood.
o Guests/Invitados: Robert Rodriguez-Producer; Pepe Serna-Director (USA) Moderator: Yuri Cunza

PANEL # 2.1 (1:45 PM – 2:30 PM)
In the USA 2: Yes, the script and the dream are not enough.
A conversation about production, financing and distribution.
In the USA 2: Sí, no es suficiente con el guión y el sueño.
Una conversation acerca de la producción, financiamiento y distribución.
o Guests/Invitados: Robert Rodriguez – Producer, Pepe Serna -Actor (USA) Moderator: Yuri Cunza

PANEL # 3 (5:30 PM – 6:15 PM) — Preceded by Spanish language feature film (running time 92 min)
De Las Americas Productions
Searching, defining, and rediscovering their identities through the lens, history, work and vision of its own people.
Producciones De Las Americas
Investigando, definiendo y redescubriendo sus identidades a través del lente, el trabajo, la historia y vision de su propia gente.
o Guests/Invitados: Pilar Roca -Producer/Director, Victor Prada -Actor/Director (Peru) Moderator: TBD

PANEL # 4 (6:30 PM – 7:15 PM)
Borders are Invisible: How to work together from far apart?
Las Fronteras son Invisibles: ¿Cómo podemos trabajar conjuntamente a la distancia?

The CineTVLatino Conference is chaired by the Nashville Area Hispanic Chamber of Commerce

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Saturday, October 17

Business panels for film and television writers.

11:00 – BRIAN HERSKOWITZ – production and finance executive, producer and writer (Hercules: The Legendary Journeys, Blossom, and more) – in discussion with Alan Brewer

12:00 – BOB GIORDANO – director, producer, writer (The Odds), who will present a program on screenplay structure and independent film production.

1:00 – MATT NORDSTEN – Buchwald Agency (Talent Agent/Intellectual Property/TV Packaging)- in discussion with Alan Brewer

2:00 – AARON MENDELSOHN – writer (Air Bud movies), producer (Secret Diary of an American Cheerleader), director. He will share “The 11 Fundamental Questions” of screenwriting from his book.

3:00 – GIL ADLER – producer, writer, director (Valkyrie, Tales from the Crypt, Superman Returns, Constantine) in discussion with George Siriois – Host/Producer, Excelsior Journeys

4:00 – KAREN MCDERMOTT, 2019 Nicholl Fellowships in Screenwriting recipient

5:00 – As an added bonus at the end of Script-Com, we will broadcast a 2 hour, 20 minute television writing intensive with ERIC BRASSARD, vice president of television development for Legendary Entertainment, moderated by Sandrene Matthews, with Priscilla Wise.

SCRIPT-COM is Chaired by the Tennessee Screenwriting Association

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Sunday, October 18
Actor-Com is an annual event sponsored by Nashville Women in Film and Television and Film-Com. Over 200 actors attend this event annually to meet casting directors, obtain advice and guidance from acting coaches, and attend various workshops. This year the event is being combined with the SWiFT Summit and Film Com On Oct.18th as a Virtual event

Well-known actors and business professionals will be presenting important classes that will enhance an actor’s career goals and aspirations. Attendees will learn about becoming a SAG-AFTRA union member and its benefits. They will also learn about the self-taping, and how to Audition and will have one on one with the working Casting Directors.

1:00 – 1:45 pm
Mitchell Galin interview with Lindsay Galin– Talent Publicity
o Mitchell Galin is an American film and television producer. He is best known for his work on Stephen King’s The Stand for ABC and Frank Herbert’s Dune for Syfy. He currently runs Epiphany Pictures.
o Lindsay Galin, based in New York, has been at Rogers & Cowan since 2011 after launching her own talent publicity firm, Lantern PR, in 2009. She has worked on established company clients, including Liam Neeson and Richard Gere, as well as new clients such as Felicity Jones. Most recently, she spearheaded the campaigns for newly minted best actress Oscar winner Brie Larson, and Star Wars: The Force Awakens star, John Boyega.

Acting Master Class with Tina Gallo
o Tina Gallo has been in the entertainment industry for over 30 years, she is an award-winning professional actress who commands attention and brings life and vitality into each of her roles. She is a method – trained actress who studied with the best, Lee Strasberg, Uta Hagen, Stella Adler, Sanford Meisner, and Jack Waltzer. Tina has extensive TV, Film, Commercial, and Theater credits. Tina received the WIFT Alice Spirit Award from the Southern Women in Film and Television on June 22, 2019. View her IMDB Page.

Casting Directors Panel and Breakout Rooms
> Bring Prepared Monologue or read cold
Casting Directors include the following:
o Joke Silva, Nigerian Actress and has Acting Academy in Lagos- International Casting
o Chad Darnell Casting Atlanta
o Meg Deusner, Birmingham Casting Director
o Melissa Skoff – California Casting Director LA
o Kimberly Skyrme- Casting Director NY
o Regina Moore – Casting Director Nashville

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*** Volunteers have worked to build the film and television community to create jobs and business opportunities for all involved in the process***